What Course Is Master Electrician Work?

When you need someone to do complex electrical work, a master electrician work can be the best choice. They have the necessary training, education, and licensure to get permits and work on large projects.

They also have more education than journeymen and are familiar with project management, safety regulations, and other complex electrical skills. Their knowledge puts them in a leadership role on the job site, making them more sought after by clients or potential employers.


Electrical work is a technical trade that requires years of experience, training, and education to master. To become a master electrician, you need on-the-job training and classroom instruction from certified instructors.

It would help if you were licensed by the state or territory where you intend to work and pass exams that test your knowledge of specialized electrical codes. You can get this training through a trade school or online program.

In some states, apprenticeship programs combine on-the-job training and classroom instruction with mentorship from a master electrician. Apprenticeships typically last four years and involve 6,000-10,000 hours of supervised training.

Master electricians also take continuing education courses to stay up-to-date with new rules and regulations in the field. These classes can reduce the number of hours required for certification.


The state administers the master electrician exam to determine whether an applicant has the knowledge and skill needed to be a licensed master electrician. This exam differs from state to state but primarily involves questions relating to the jurisdiction’s laws and regulations where the license is sought.

The exams are usually held at governmental offices and local community colleges. Upon completion, the test proctor will provide an official score report to you.

In most states, the qualifications to become a master electrician include having at least two years of experience as a journeyman electrician and passing a licensing examination. Some jurisdictions may allow applicants to bypass the journeyman exam if they have sufficient experience in the trade.

The master electrician exam is typically based on the National Electrical Code and may have open and closed book portions. A soft-bound edition of the codebook may be used as a reference during the exam. Some jurisdictions permit using tabbed books during exams, but these must be permanent adhesive tabs.


A master electrician is a highly skilled electrical contractor who has completed training, education, and licensing to advance their career. They work with clients and contractors on complex systems installations, repairs, permit applications, and other large-scale issues. Master electrician also serve as a liaison between the client and local authorities on safety and legal regulations.

Typically, they have a bachelor’s degree or higher in electrical engineering or other relevant fields. To become a licensed electrician, they must also pass a business exam and a trade license.

They may also take on other responsibilities, such as leading teams of apprentices and working with management. This can increase their income potential and qualify them for promotions.


As a master electrician, you’ll be responsible for overseeing the work of other electricians and working on large electrical projects. This requires advanced skills, knowledge, and a higher salary than a journeyman electrician.

Depending on where you live, salaries vary significantly between electricians. Often, the more remote areas have lower rates. In addition, some states have more expensive licensing requirements for journeymen and less lenient labor laws than others. These can impact your ability to advance.

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