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Current Role and Duties

Spearman owns and operates All HVAC and Electrical, LLC, a business he formed in 2017, and manages his more established holdings, such as Spearman Properties, launched in 2004. He is a master electrician, skilled installer, and technician specializing in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, also known as HVAC.

Career History

After graduating from college, Spearman launched a popular business in 1998. Restaurant Cleaning Services provides a full menu of niche professional cleaning services to diners and restaurants in the greater Philadelphia area. Many aspects of restaurant cleaning are better accomplished by a skilled workforce than a standard crew, making the business a popular option for deep cleaning and eateries with a solid desire to outsource cleaning needs.

Spearman then migrated to property development and contracting in the early 2000s. He launched Spearman properties in 2004 and has regularly worked as a general contractor. Throughout his career, he has rehabilitated over 100 properties in his region, saving them from further decay and helping keep communities intact with high-quality housing and commercial real estate options.

His work in HVAC is a natural complement to the contracting and development business, and All HVAC and Electrical, LLC launched in 2017. The new venture made it possible to separate his construction jobs from those taken on for other clients needing heating and cooling system installation, upgrades, and repairs.

Academic History

Spearman graduated from Penn State University before starting his first business in 1998.

Professional Skills and Experience

Management skills

As a business owner, Spearman is dedicated to providing a high-opportunity workplace for his team. Managing a team across multiple job sites and navigating workloads is a complex undertaking that requires attention to detail, a keen ability to delegate tasks, and a unique eye for analyzing a large volume of information to identify potential problems early. In HVAC and electrical work, issues cost time and money, and for a business person with a long-standing reputation like Spearman, it’s essential to avoid mistakes the first time.

Technical ability

HVAC installation and electrical work require specialized education and testing to obtain certifications and credentials like those held by Spearman. These certifications demonstrate an understanding of essential safety procedures, quality-control measures, and legally required installation basics and procedures according to city and state codes. Allen Spearman makes it a point to stay informed about new and more effective methods to provide his clients with the best service. A prime example of this is his training in the revolutionary type of duct-sealing called Aeroseal. He was the first certified Aerosol agent in the state.

People skills

Managing a business makes a people person out of everyone, and Spearman is no different. As a manager, he negotiates new projects with homeowners and business owners. From there, he develops a plan for the completion of the project, including a review of the scope, necessary purchases, and code requirements. Next, an estimate of the project cost is determined, and plans may be drawn up. Each aspect requires careful, deliberate communication with customers, legal advisors, and municipal and state office personnel. Maintaining solid relationships is key to a successful project, and acquiring referrals and positive word-of-mouth helps drive new customers to any electrician and HVAC specialist business.

Philanthropy and Charitable Involvement

As a person who loves his community and wants to give back in a diligent and committed way, Allen Spearman dedicates his time and efforts to various worthwhile causes. A favorite has been learning to advocate for those living with migraine. Allen has attended events and donated to the non-profit organization Miles For Migraine. The organization is focused on advocacy and was born of a deep commitment to raising the national conversation to further migraine and headache research. An end goal is to increase funding for these key research areas by pulling in more research dollars from governmental sources.

Increasing the dialogue means raising funds independently and building awareness, and the favored method of hosting races is one key opportunity to reach the public. The first race was held in 2008 in San Francisco and featured a 5K and a 10K run plus a two-mile walk option. Events in other cities like Philly mirror this effort.

For Spearman, advocacy work makes it possible to connect with the community and further the cause for improved, well-funded migraine research.

Accomplishments and Achievements

Spearman holds several licenses and certifications related to his business enterprises. He is an electrician with a contractor’s license and has a CMS in heating, heat pumps, and HVAC electrical systems. He is a master electrician with solid backing in general contract work.

Allen Spearman

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